Value Proposition

DigiSignals Inc., has built and will continue to place utmost importance to the value proposition to your organization. An effort is not just a project for us. It is a venture and will bring our impartial analysis on the value proposition to you at all stages of the venture and ensure that it always comes with an upside for your organization. This promise is the bedrock of our engagement and the core of our value proposition to you.

Cost Model

The cost model should always begin and keep the investor’s bottom line as the central financial element. If the pricing model of engagement focuses on a brittle cost to services model like most consulting organizations offer, it will almost always end when the cost model becomes the central element. DigiSignals Inc. will always ensure that the cost model never makes that shift and align to the changing needs and financial considerations of your organization.

Delivery Confidence

This is the easiest promise made and oft-broken one as well. Consulting organizations typically blame changing requirements to the lack of delivery confidence. DigiSignals Inc., will keep the focus on the end goal and not just the understanding at the start of the effort. The confidence is the agility of delivery to your organization needs and not just the agreement done in the past. Our delivery will match your journey and speed and keep the confidence of delivery as a constant.

Sustained Engagement

There is never an end date to engagement, if the consulting organization focuses on the sustenance of the engagement. DigiSignals Inc., understands and appreciates the need to remain engaged to delivery milestones and to go the extra mile after final delivery to ensure the effort has landed right – and to tune to the future. Our success is in being continually engaged to your success, not just a milestone date.

Knowledge Management and Retention

This is always an afterthought for consulting organizations. Knowledge Management and Retention efforts are made opaque and difficult to grasp with the intent to stay in the picture or risk knowledge management pain. DigiSignals Inc., will take the worry out of your organization’s psyche by managing and delivering domain knowledge and knowhow through tools suited for your organization. Our strength is in building the information model together, not by holding it away from you.