Data Management for Ads
In Enterprise e-commerce systems, the catalog data is spread across multiple places and usually has complex business rules. Our expertise in data management, helps to pool in all the disconnected catalog data and get it in a consumable output format for our Ad partners. We also partner with agencies to fill the DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) function. With our expertise and agency partnership we can provide end to end services for enterprise Ad strategy and execution.
Campaign Performance Optimization
We work with DMP (Data Management Platform) of choice to enable cookie pools. The cookie pools are used to enhance the campaign performance based on more effective targeting and segmentation.
Affiliate Marketing
We have extensive experience in enabling the backend for Affiliate Marketing systems. We have developed custom web portal and tools for Affiliates to be effective in promoting the company’s products. The downstream implementation to navigate complex business rules to finalize Affiliate compensation has been driven by our team.