Tagging and Instrumentation
We strongly believe in 'Garbage In, Garbage Out' concept. So, we understand the importance of getting the upstream tagging and instrumentation impeccably implemented for our clients. The process of instrumenting the digital properties starts with understanding the end goals and working backwards on what data needs to be collected to power a data driving organization. We are experts in tag implementation using multiple tools – Ensighten, Tealium, Adobe Tag Manager and custom scripting.
Data Collection
Raw data is like diamond in the rough and work needs to be done to convert it. On that front, we got our clients covered. We do the grunt work of figuring out how data collection, storage, cleanup and all other ETL functions that need to happen behind the scenes. Our clients can concentrate on other high value functions without wasting cycles on this. Be it a third-party Analytics platform like Adobe Analytics suite or a custom solution, we make sure the data is in a ready state for further analysis.
Data Analysis and Insights
The key function of looking at the data as forest and the ability to drill down to the trees is a service we provide to our clients. Our data experts understand how to connect the data to the growth factors of a company. The end result is succinct actionable insights backed by reliable analysis that help the organization take its next steps. Be it the versatile Excel or a complex analytics tool, we have expertise to get the job done.
Reporting and Visualization
'A picture is worth a thousand words', someone once said and we agree. If all the hard work done in getting the insights is not conveyed in an understandable format, it could be a missed opportunity. Our team makes sure we don’t miss any opportunities. Showing the data is easy to grasp visuals is something we specialize in. We use variety of tools, ranging from Tableau to PowerBI to custom built solutions.