An enterprise e-commerce division of a major technology company needed to build a solid technology layer to assist their Marketing and Demand Generations programs. The client was a relative new comer to direct online selling compared to other E-commerce giants. So, they needs solid expertise to build scalable ground up systems to drive their programs to increase their revenue quickly.


DigiSignals Inc, used a team of 10 consultants that comprised of Digital Marketing and Technology experts. The team was able to keep the long term vision in mind and provide short term building blocks that stacked on top of each other by providing immediate wins that progressed towards bigger achievements steadily. The client did not have to wait for a long time to see results because of this Agile approach. At the same time the Big, Hairy, Audacious goals were also met.


The client was able to grow the revenue 5x over the period of 4 years. Considering the enterprise size the revenue growth was considered impressive. Their products were sold initially in under 5 markets which grew to 60+ markets over that period. The client division also had a set of incubation projects that were picked by other divisions. New marketing programs were launched based on work that DigiSignals did. Trusted partnership between DigiSignals and the client continues.