Privacy Policy

At DigiSignals, customer and client information is deemed personal, private and highly confidential. All associates and management at DigiSignals Inc., absorb and appreciate this paramount need to protect such information as name, company, email, phone, etc. and the bind that such information be used solely for the express purpose of engagement with the respective customer.

As a visitor, you do not have to submit any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in order to use the DigiSignals website. We do not collect PII unless, specifically provided by the visitors out of their own volition. Such information is held in confidence and handled in accordance with security and privacy requirements at DigiSignals Inc. In the event of needing to share this information with anyone or any other organization, it is done so only after the express approval of the involved parties. We do not send out unsolicited emails and mailing lists are managed on a strict opt-in basis.

DigiSignals Inc. uses cookies (small text files placed on your device) and similar technologies to analyze site traffic, site behavior patterns and to provide our customers with improved navigation experience. To this end, we use cookies and web beacons to track information and identify categories of visitors by items such as IP address, domain, browser type and pages visited. This information is used strictly for site analysis and future enhancement planning efforts.

The use/sale and/or other distribution of personal information to third party companies is strictly prohibited and all privacy agreements are enforced at all times to protect such information.

At DigiSignals Inc., we value and protect your privacy. For any questions, please contact us at